GIN Wide Open, Ager: Friday

Michael Sigel leads the field around an enjoyable task and sends this report... 

"The forecast for today was slightly better with less north wind and more stablity at higher altitudes. Still there were a lot of clouds and they were just marginally higher than the launch. The task committee came up with a short 30km Task in the valley. Like this the organizer could oversee the whole race and could have cancelled in case of any danger. Airstart was at 13:40 and all the pilots headed for the first turnpoint in the west of the ridge. In past tasks, pilots were widely spread over the course, but today a lot more were able to keep up with the pace of the first group. The crux today was the crossing of the valley for the second last turnpoint. Especially in the beginning thermals were still weak and some pilots arrived too low there. I had a good line to cross over and was the only one who found a good thermal and sneaked away. I was able to keep the lead until the end and finished the race after 50min. A little later conditions improved even more and there were a lot of happy pilots in goal today."


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