GIN pilots dominate the podiums in South Africa

It was a successful week for Gin Gliders in South Africa during the annual winter cat 2 SA Open competition held in Barberton last week.

Pilots on Boomerang 10 gliders won the first two places on the podium, three out of four tasks, and the team prize! Gin Gliders were well represented throughout, with the Atlas and Carrera appearing on their respective class podiums.

The GIN charge was led by GIN Team Pilot Andre Rainsford followed by Russel Achterberg and Duncan Kotze on Boomerang 10s. These three pilots each won a task in turn, with Andre taking the first task by a crushing fifteen-minute margin over the field. This set him up for a comfortable competition where he could be seen dominating the lead gaggle throughout.

Local GIN dealer, Cal Dyker, arranged daily briefings for GIN pilots on launch where Andre and Russel debriefed and coached GIN pilots.

Andre had this to say about the event:

"It was a great week of racing with friends and it was gratifying to see the progress of the novice pilots as they implemented some of the concepts offered to them during the daily briefing sessions".


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