GIN pilot wins in Argentina

Congratulations to Javier Funes Nichele on his win at the CAP Tunuyan 2015 competition held recently in Argentina.

Writes Javier, "The event was in 'el Manzano Historico' Tunuyan Argentina, located in the foothills of the Andes. We had four tasks, the first cancelled due to bad weather, and then 3 excellent tasks of 120 km, 60 km and 70 km. The weather had been really bad for the two months leading up to the event due to el Niño. But we had three excellent days to enjoy free flight. 48 pilots—including the best pilots in Argentina—took part in the event. Going into the final task, I was in 4th place. My only mission was to make the best possible start and try to push the other pilots to make a mistake. My friend and excellent pilot Michel Guillemont bombed out just 6 km before the goal, opening the door for me to get 1st place and to win the championship. After that, all is history!"

Thanks Javier for the words and to Julian "Rider" Cisterna for the photos below—enjoy! The full results are here.


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