Bavarian Open 2016 - Victory for Boomerangs 10 and Czech pilots

Four sunny days, friendly atmosphere and more than a hundred pilots racing - that was the Bavarian Open 2016. The competiton, which counts as the 1st leg of the German Championship, attracted most of the German national team as well as some top international pilots. In the end it was the Czech GIN pilots who came out on top: Peter Kostrhun took the overall title and Petra Silvova was top woman. Petra tells the story...

"The comp was held in Lenggries, Brauneck from 5th to 8th May and we had 3 valid tasks.

Task 1 was a 64 km race. After the first turnpoint to the north, the course headed due west over the flatlands. The east wind was really strong and the thermals were low and blue. Only four pilots were able to reach goal. Most of us landed around the turnpoint in flats or even soooner, on the windy corner of the first turnpoint.

Task 2 was a really nice 94 km race over four turnpoints. The route took us from Brauneck south to Karwendelspitze and then with one turnpoint on the way to keep the pilots out of the snowy mountains with only a few roads (or no roads?) to the east to Tegernsee and back to goal in Lenggries. Almost 70 happy pilots made goal – great work by the task committee. Just a perfect day :-)

The third day was cancelled due to helicopter flying around the take-off while the window was open. Luckily, there was no serious injury in the end and the pilots who had already taken off had some nice free-flying.

On the final day, most weather forecasts predicted strong winds in the area. The task committee planned a short 47km zig zag with landing in Lenggries. The fastest pilot made goal with an average speed of over 38km/h. About 2.5 hours after leading gaggle had landed, the task was stopped due to overdevelopment.

The GIN Czech team was more than successful, taking victory in the overall and female category. Peter Kostrhun won overall on his brand new Boomerang 10 M and Petra Slivova topped the female ranking on her Boomerang 10 S.

A special mention and thanks to organizer Marc Wensauer, who managed to organize the comp and race at the same time – ending up in 7th with his Boomerang 10!"

See full results here:

Thanks to GIN CZ pilot Pavel Iker for the photos


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