2018 Paragliding World Cup – Gemona, Italy – Preview

The 3rd event of the 2018 Paragliding World Cup started today in Gemona, Italy.

Gemona is widely recognised as a world class paragliding competition venue, having hosted numerous events. It offers both mountainous alpine flying and flatland racing.

For a preview of some of the stunning scenery tune in to the trailer on World Cup TV: https://vimeo.com/169765726

The pilot quality in this competition is going to be one of the highest we have ever seen with 19 pilots ranked AA. 3 Super Final winners and 16 World Cup winners will be racing across the skies together!

2018 got off to a great start for Gin Gliders with Michael Sigel winning the World Cup Super Final in January and Michael Kuffer winning the recent World Cup in Brazil, both on Boomerang 11s.

Once again some of the top pilots in Gemona will be flying GIN including World Cup winners, Michael Maurer and Torsten Siegel and the only pilot to have won the Super Final twice, Aaron Durogati.

Also competing on a GIN wing will be Marc Wensauer and Alessio Voltan. Marc won the Bavarian Open a few weeks ago and Alessio was 2nd in the Italian Championships/Open in Gemona in 2017.

Definitely worth watching is GIN test pilot Tim Bollinger. He won the first two tasks in the 2016 Super Final and has been flying in the Alps on a GIN glider since he was six years old!

Folow the live action and support team GIN on the PWCA App. In addition to the live Commentary, tracking and scores, you can now see photos of the pilots, the % of leadout points for each pilot and their glide ratio to goal.


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