2018 Paragliding World Cup - Baixo Guandu, Brazil Task 5

The World Cup in Baixo Guandu, Brazil ended with a win for Michael Küffer and podium spots for Torsten Siegel and the GIN team. Torsten reports on the final task:

"What a dramatic 80 km final task under a covered sky! The day improved well before the race start and once we managed the southern turn point we had an impressive race back along a ridge of black monolith rocks. Michl and Idris pushed like crazy and it was some of the best flying during this competition. Once we headed back over the take off the ‘classic’ conditions during this event started again: a covered sky. Michl was in no way lucky with his route over Baixo Gandu and bombed out there (at least he had some time to drink 1-5 beers before we arrived).

We survirved with some weak and sometimes surprisingly strong thermals out of the shade, and had to wait for 10 minutes on our well known monolith in the north before another thermal cycle brought us up again. And then the conditions improved a bit, leading our group to goal.

I arrived in 5th place today and we’re happy about our Gin Gliders overall ranking: Michael Küffer 1st, me 3rd and the GIN Team (Michael Sigel, Torsten Siegel and Idris Birch) 2nd. We’ll have a big party tonight!"


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