2018 Paragliding World Cup - Baixo Guandu, Brazil Task 4

Michael Küffer wins task 4 at the PWC Brazil and now leads overall. Here's his report

"Finally, we had a day that looked great from the beginning to the end. A 90km-task was set: a beautiful tour to Pancas - another flying site with even more impressive rock formations - and back to the airfield of Aimorés which is just next to Baixo Guandu.

Again, the day looked better than it was. Thermals were usually quite weak and had to be re-centered every few turns. Also, clouds could not be trusted. So, the race was pretty tricky and along the course line, there were many pitfalls and bomb-out options. The field was distributed in many groups and the cards got reshuffled constantly. A group of about 30 pilots took the lead at the turnpoint in Pancas and managed to keep this until goal.

The GIN team lost some time on the course. Michi Sigel pushed a little too hard just after the start and found himself in a position where he "could just see the last group at the horizon". He caught up well but got in goal about 20 minutes after the first group and had only few leading points. Torsten and Idris came to goal shortly afterwards. I came in 30 seconds after the first but could win the task on leading points."


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