2018 Paragliding World Cup - Baixo Guandu, Brazil Task 3

The previous task infused a healthy dose of circumspection into the field as was evident in the tentative first glide at the start of the third task of 71 km. Still licking wounds from the grueling task of the day before, the GIN pilots were pessimistic about the start so they all took a conservative slow glide to the first turn-point before picking up the pace into the next phase of the race.

The task was very well set in the sense that you had to choose which line to fly for sixty kilometers to goal based on your assessment of the conditions. It was above Baixo that these decisions were made and the result was spectacular. The field split as spilled marbles on a stone floor in every direction with most taking the middle ground, some to the North, and others to the South of center.

In the end it was the North Line won the day with pilots reporting hints of convergence despite the relative shadow. Idris, Andre, and Michael K flew the Northern line with Michael S and Torsten romping down the middle.

Michael K and Andre crossed the line together seconds after the first pilot with Michael S and Torsten swooping in a couple of minutes later all in the top ten with Idris not far behind. 

Idris had this to say about the day: "It was a surprisingly good task. You had to change gears a few times, but everyone was friendly and relaxed. I got a little behind at some point but I managed to catch up to Torsten near the end".

Torsten expressed similar sentiments: "You had to alternate between racing and conserving all day. In the end it was ok and definitely better than yesterday. The birds were not all that helpful and there was a strangely rough thermal near the end which was a little random, but we all got in comfortably. There were no star gates today".

Things are looking good for Torsten and Michael S in the overall standing after good performances today and the Gin Team is on track for now.

The locals are up-beat about the weather in the next couple of days so let us hope for another two good days.


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