2018 Paragliding World Cup - Baixo Guandu, Brazil Task 2

An unbelievable finish! Torsten Siegel reports Task 2.

"In a few words: fortune decided to fly with me the whole day. I still can’t believe that I reached the goal line after such an extraordinary race. No one expected this when we drove up to the takeoff. Sunny sky, nice clouds and free flying pilots showing nice climbs all around. Only the wind was a bit strong from south and therefore the race was directed into the north with only one cross wind section.

After we had waited in the air for the race start, the conditions changed quickly: more and more clouds covered the sky and suddenly the nice looking race changed to a survival of the fittest. After 20km our leading group got separated. We got low and everyone searched in different places for a little lift. I saw Michl disappearing alone to the flats, I tried my luck with some other pilots at one of the impressive, black monolith rocks and then made some wired decisions, flying back and chasing birds.

Meanwhile the sky was completely covered and I was suddenly one of the last pilots, pretty low in the middle of nowhere, flying a strange course. So I focused on the arrow of my instrument, thinking a dozen times that I would have to land. But somehow it worked out each time. In a miraculous way I managed to cross the flats, the river and some small hills where the last survivors of the lead gaggle had been struggling for ages.

I saw Michl, 100 meters above me, leaving the gaggle and went further. We were still turning, losing height. But then suddenly the sun broke out! Right before our deserved bomb out we caught a thermal with 20 pilots and managed to stay in it. For the first time since the start I reached cloud base, but we still had a lot of shadow in front of us. But like a star gate, the sun kept coming out as we continued along the course.  20 lucky pilots made goal while the rest of the field had to make use of the retrieve.

Gin Gliders is still leading the team ranking and the weather looks very promising for the last 3 days. We’re looking forward to some real racing."



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