2018 Paragliding World Cup - Baixo Guandu, Brazil Task 1

Andre Rainsford reports on a red hot start for the GIN team...

"The Gin Gliders team got off to a spectacular start in the Baixo Guandu world cup event currently underway in Brazil. Superfinal star, Michael Sigel, led a hot Boomerang charge into goal taking line honors in a sixty kilometer race fraught with challenges.

The start was fairly straightforward. Many pilots edged up the side of the clouds to start high as the entire field charged out to the east toward some beautiful clouds that were developing rapidly.

Rain chased the leaders after the first turnpoint about twenty kilometers into the race catching the laggards who enjoyed a complimentary glider wash as they chased. Fortunes changed in the latter half of the race with tricky river crossings slowing down the leaders as climbs became a scarce commodity allowing stragglers to catch up.

The end-game grounded two dozen pilots who were not cautious enough. Fortunately for Gin Gliders, Michael Sigel managed to hold onto the lead and deliver the win accompanied by Michael Küffer, Torsten, Frank, Christiano, and Andre as the charge to goal ensued. Gin Gliders were the first team today and a total of 4 Boomerangs placed in the top 10.

It is wonderful to be in Brazil again and we hope to bring you many more reports of spectacular flying in this special place."




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