2018 Paragliding World Cup – Aksaray, Turkey – Task 3

Andre Rainsford reports on an amazing task 3 the World Cup in Turkey

"Today can be described in three words: Absolutely Bloody Marvelous!!

The forecast was moderate compared to previous days. The task committee set a task comprising of three legs starting to the east with a massive flat-land leg to the west culminating in a 27km glide down wind to goal south east of the last turn-point.

There were skeptics who questioned the sanity of flying the bulk of a hundred and fifteen kilometer task into a ten knot head-wind. Those skeptics had no way of knowing that the last third of the task would

have the added complexity of a carpet of shade to make an already impossible task improbable... and yet a third of the field navigated the gloom in perfect unison working together as they found their way through

the invisible maze of diminishing lift igniting a glimmer of hope to the very end. Alas it was not to be. The leaders landed agonisingly close to the goal after five hours of dogged determination.

Today was an epic task by any measure and Gin Gliders was once again well represented by Julian, Andre, and Oguzkan. They have clawed themselves into second position in the team event with both Andre and

Julian in the top fifteen of the overall standings.

We are optimistic of more classic flying conditions."


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