2017 PWC in Guayaquil, Ecuador: training day

The GIN pilots arrived from all over the world: Torsten from Toronto, Michael from Brazil, Tim from Switzerland, Ogi from Japan and even legend Max Jeanpierre from France decided to come. Of course there are many more GIN pilots in this competition!

Some information about the city. Guayaquil is the biggest city in Ecuador and is situated almost at the Pacific. In the bigger area of Guayaquil live more than 3 million people, from very rich to extremely poor. The takeoff is in the west of the city, 300m above sea level. Local pilots say that the flying is quite relaxt: usually not a lot of wind and the conditions are smooth. While Thursday seemed to be quite a good day with nice cloud base up to 1200m, yesterday was much less good. Many pilots went to the take off at 12, but the sky was completely over casted. However, some were slowly climbing in front of the take off. The climbs were very weak (+2m/s over a cement plant reported some, while most other climbs were less than 1m/s). In addition the thermals usually stopped at 600m. All in all it was not a good day and after 30min most of us decided to land and go back to the hotel.

Today (Saturday) is the official training day. Busses left at 9 and most pilots went to the take off, but until 12 there was no sun at all. Later the clouds disappeared and pilots reported great flying conditions.

Registration was in the later afternoon, followed by the safety briefing. The following pilots will be in the GIN team: Torsten Siegel, Tim Bollinger, Michael Sigel. Soheil Barikani is our reserve pilot.

This competition will be the first one that is supported by the new PWC app. That means You can now keep up with all the action on the new World Cup App which includes the entertaining live commentary, revamped tracking, leaderboard, pilot list and results. You can install it:



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