2017 PWC in Guayaquil, Ecuador: Day 3, Task 2

Day 3, task 2: Michael Sigel reports from the World Cup in Ecuador.

"Compared to yesterday, the sky was a little less overcast today and began to clear up even more after we arrived on take off at 10 o’clock. The task committee set a 67km task. The start was 13km away from the turnpoint B11 in the North. It was an in (0.4km), out (6km) and in (0.4km) turnpoint, which should give many options to the pilots to choose the best route. The goal was 30km further to the Northwest, airstart at 12:45.

The sky cleared up even more and many pilots were quite excited as the conditions looked promising. However, the thermals in front of the take off were cycling, so some pilots were climbing fast and reliably, while others were struggling a lot. Just as Stefan Wyss had had a hard time not to bomb out yesterday, Torsten was scratching half way down the hill today. As the take off is only 300m high, half the height reduces the options a lot. Finally most of the pilots climbed, Torsten included and could take the airstart at 1100m. We had nice clouds on the way to the first turnpoint, but again, the haze made it difficult to see far. When we reached B11, our group decided to go back where we came from. This was for some reasons: first, we could save the 2x400m of the radius (in case we continue on straight line), in addition we hoped that slow pilots would mark our thermals. It was working quite well, but a group that went to the west was slightly faster. But the difference was small and the leading groups met again after 12km and went together for the 30km to the goal. This part was supposed to be the easy part, but a strong North wind and sudden weaker thermals surprised many pilots. Tim was a victim of this and had to land, as well as many others.

Honorin Hamard from France was pushing a lot during this phase and was able to get away from the group. Manuel Quintanilla was with him, but finally had to let him go, as Honorin was higher and got a pretty good line. Torsten, Dominik and I were together in the chasing group, trying to close the gap again. Birds showed us most of the thermals, but it was not possible to catch Honorin anymore. He got to goal with an impressive 7 minute lead. The rest of the field got in almost all together. As Honorin was leading most of today and won with a big time gap to the group, he got almost 80 points more than the rest of us and is now leading this competition. Michael is now in 7th place, Torsten is 8th and many other GIN pilots are well placed in the top 20."

Photos: Dominik Breitinger


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