2017 Paragliding World Cup Superfinal - Roldanillo - Task 3

Torsten Siegel reports on a tricky task 3:

"I’m Nostradamus! As I predicted yesterday, today we had a tricky task. But it wasn't due to the task setting, but the conditions. Low cloud base, high cloud cover and later a huge Cb which brought rain to Roldanillo and a big shadow over the course. The field got stretched immediately from the start. At the northern turnpoint some small groups could get in front, managing the entry and exit cylinder, heading south and escaping the big shadow and rain. Once in the flats, we got all together again and the 44 pilots who survived raced to goal. Some quite optimistic pilots started the final glide quite low and got punished by a strong headwind. Around 35 competitors made goal, while the rest were happy to have discards in the Super Final.

Unfortunately Aaron and Maxime from the Gin Team bombed out and we’ll lose a lot of points in the team ranking. On the plus side, Michl flew extremely strong today and arrived in 3rd. Idris, Yongtae and me celebrated our good results in goal and we are looking forward to similar results the next days. I hope I’m Nostradamus, again!"


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