2017 Paragliding World Cup Superfinal - Roldanillo - Task 2

Torsten Siegel reports on task 2 at the Superfinal.

"We’re warming up in Roldanillo and conditions are improving. The 100km task sent us south and north along the valley with a nice, strong race along the mountain ridge at the beginning. After this Michl headed with the first group over the flats to Zarzal. The thermals got quite weak and the field spread out. With Maxime and Idris we could enjoy the scenery from a few meters above the ground until we found the climb that saved us. The race was a bit weird in this section and the big surprise was that somehow we all ended up together again. A huge gaggle with over 60 pilots was ready to race into goal and within 2 minutes all of them crossed the goal line. 104 pilots managed to fly the task and I’m pretty sure that the task setter will make it more difficult for us tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes!"


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