2017 Paragliding World Cup Superfinal - Roldanillo - Task 1

Maxime Pinot reports from Roldanillo...

"I’m happy to write my first report on the team blog!

So, as you probably know, the Superfinal in Colombia kicked off today with a beautiful first task. All the Team was happy to finally start the comp, ready to race with all the angry wolves selected for this event.

The task was a 87km race, and revealed itself to be really interesting. There were some interesting choices of lines, especially towards TP1 with cloud coverage on the mountains and more sun in the flats.

With Michael, we were in between mountains and flat and it wasn’t so efficient but we caught up with the leading group just after TP1.

On the road to TP2, the flats were smoking everywhere: imagine nice cumulus, and nice thermals under them climbing pretty good, some nice lines to find. It was a really nice part.

But things were more difficult approaching TP2, near La Victoria. Weaker thermals, some more south wind.

The leading gaggle exploded in different directions.

Low in the hills after TP2 was a bit stressful, but finally we got out of the low layer to reach fresh air once again.

We managed to espace from the group with Michael, together also with Honorin and Laurie.

Last thermal near Obando before TP3 and goal! But only the last thermal was in my head…we hit really strong sink just before the speed section. Of course, I was in front and lower, my three friends having decided to climb more (really good idea!). Bad moment.

But luckily, a thermal was there just after the end of speed section and it made my day !

Unusual fact: today 21 pilots landed between ESS and Goal. Really bad line. Aaron and Gin were unlucky, but with the discards everything will be possible for the next 9 tasks! Tim (52nd), Idris (18th), Torsten (9th), Michael (8th) and me (2nd) all made goal. And the GIN Team is 3rd !

Looking forward for the next tasks and to telling you another story in the next days ;)


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