2017 Paragliding World Cup Pico Do Gavião

Once again a lot of pilots have chosen GIN wings as their preferred racing machine for the World Cup at the new site of Pico Do Gavião at Aguas da Prata in Brazil.

Amongst those flying GIN Boomerang 11s:

Two up-and-coming young French pilots, Jules Croibier and Tim Rochas, the highest Super Final ranked pilot here.

‘Tim is very consistent and has already proved that he can be amongst the best in the world’ Didier Mathurin’, French team trainer.

Two of the World’s big distance record holders, Frank Brown and Samuel Nascimento, are also here flying GIN Wings.

In October 2015 Frank Brown flew 514 km thus breaking Nevil Hulett’s 502 km record which was set in South Africa in 2008 and brought the World distance paragliding record to Brazil.

On the 15th of October 2016 Samuel Nascimento, pushed the bar even further and set another new open distance PG World record in Brazil. He set off in the north east of Brazil and landed, 11 hours and 564 km later!

Other notable pilots flying Gin Wings: World Cup winner Andre Rainsford and Paragliding World Cup President Goran Dimiskovski.

Good luck to all the GIN pilots and the GIN Team: Frank Brown, Andre Rainsford and Samuel Nascimento.

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Photo: Stefphan Kruger



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