2017 Paragliding World Cup Pico Do Gavião: Task 6

Pico Do Gavião task 6: Andre Rainsford reports on another great task and more success for GIN pilots.

6 days of bliss in the sky. There is an atmosphere of joyful abundance as if all present understand how lucky we have been to fly everyday. The 6th task was as good as any preceding with a triangle of over 100km. This time the task was set further to the east before going south to the apex and north west for the home run.

The GIN pilots were charging in front, as has become the norm everyday. We were well established going into the flats on the 2nd leg only to hit sink all the way from 3000m to uncomfortably close to the rolling hills.

This gave the trailing gaggle a huge opportunity to take the day. It was an opportunity they did not completely grab, as they dawdled around the second turnpoint before getting stuck west of the course line about 20km out. This allowed the original leaders to catch up and resulted in a massive gaggle converging at goal within minutes of each other.

It was another special day for the Gin Gliders with Frank and Kim joint 2nd followed by Samuel in 5th position. This gave the GIN team another task win, consolidating 1st position overall.

It does appear that we will fly a 7th task, which would be a wonderful way to wrap up a comp.

Photos: Facebook / Tim Rochas


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