2017 Paragliding World Cup Pico Do Gavião: Task 2

Andre Rainsford reports on Task 2:

"A fretful north wind was rattling windows at dawn of the second day. Many were pessimistic about the probability of flying and then the wind simply dropped on schedule as per the forecast. We were able to launch for a downwind slalom race of some seventy five kilometers.

GIN pilots were in the thick of things leading out all day eventually being rewarded with five in the top ten for the task. Frank was accross the line first followed closely by Gilmar, Andre, and Samuel.

It was an interesting contest after a tentative start with fortunes changing regularly as gaggles leap frogged one-another as thermic cycles fired sporadically. In the end it was fairly easy to get around the course which saw eighty four pilots into goal. There were a number of unfortunate souls that landed meters short of goal unable to cross the power line obstructing the last twenty meters to the line.

We are very privileged to be in Brazil for this competition and are still optimistic about flying every day.

The team event is hotly contested with Gin Gliders second on the day and fourth overall after two days."

Photos: PWCA / Philippe Broers



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