2017 Paragliding World Cup Pico Do Gavião: Task 1

Task 1 was a gruelling affair, as Andre Rainsford recounts:

"The GIN team is in Brazil in Aguas da Prata, a town with a population of around 8,000. They are flying from Pico do Gaviao which quite possibly has the most impressive launch setup anywhere in the world. There are grassed launch areas for any wind direction with a coffee shop, cooled water fountain, serviced ablutions, ample shade, and souvenir shop with easy chairs and mobile phone charge lockers. Auguas da Prata is located in the state of Sao Paulo some two hundred kilometers north of Sao Paulo.

The long term forecast promises seven days of competition and the first day did not disappoint. An ambitious task of eighty three kilometers was set which involved an out and return over the back of launch to the south west with a little triangle after the turn.

The forecast suggested the wind would veer from the north east through to the south which would have made things really easy. The wind had other plans for the eager participants: what started out as an easy romp downwind turned into a grueling struggle in fading light with impotent thermals as more than half the field came to a grinding halt some ten kilometers short of goal.

A few stubborn pilots managed to coax a couple more kilometers out of the day, but no-one was able to complete the task. Gin Gliders was well represented all day with Andre leading the Boomerang charge in second place by a mere point, followed by Oguzkan, Yongtae, Frank, Luciano, and Gilmar.

Frank, Samuel, and Andre are scoring for Gin Gliders in the team event. Readers will recall Samuel broke Franks' 2015 open distance world record by 51km last year. The record now stands at an impressive 564km. Frank insists that they remain good friends despite the rivalry!

We have great expectations for the team given the local knowledge of these two Brazillian superstars."

Photos: PWCA / Philippe Broers



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