2017 Paragliding World Cup Nis, Serbia

The PWC in Nis, Serbia is underway and you can watch all the action on World Cup TV. The live tracking and live commentary are also on:


Once again GIN have a lot of pilots in the PWC many of whom are flying the new Boomerang 11. It certainly seems to be the wing of preference for a lot of the young French pilots here:

Julien BRUNG, one of the lead out point baggers in the recent Coeur de Savoie PWC, is on a Boomerang 11. As is Yoann CHAVANNE, who is no stranger to winning tasks amongst a very tough field in Portugal and Switzerland in 2015.

Manuel Brechignac, Martin Rebord, Tim Rochas, Baptiste Lambert and not so young Dad, Cyril, who will be trying to keep up with the Young Ones have all chosen the new Boomerang 11.

Acro pilot Yuki Sato Colombé will also be putting her new Boomerang 11 through its paces on the hills around Nis in Serbia next week.

Following the success of Team GIN in the Coeur de Savoie PWC, there is a lot to look forward to.



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