2016 Paragliding World Cup Superfinal - Governador Valadares - T9

With one day to go in the Superfinal, The GIN team prepare to celebrate. Torsten Siegel takes up the story:

"One day before the final task we already got the first title! Gin Gliders is leading the team ranking by 155 points and there is no chance for other teams to catch up. We’ll have some beers for this, but not to many as the conditions improved a lot today and we’re also expecting a fast race tomorrow.

After several days of struggling with the weak and cyclic thermal conditions, today we finally had a nice race with strong thermals, lifting us several times under the cloud base. The task was set with a 20km cylinder and a 200m and 400m cylinder in the inside. After entering the 200m there was the theoretical possibility to fly in all directions but like on the previous days, all pilots choose the same route back, which was marked with slower competitors. All pilots? No, only brave Yassen choose the opposite direction and as he was flying the first part with backwind he collected all the leading points.

However, you can’t trust Valadares this year and as we thought, the race came down to the final glide. We were hit by a few kilometers of massive sink against the wind, reducing the glide ratio to below 4. A small leading group with Tim tried to survive while we got a bit more in front, caught a wild thermal and reached goal. Adrian arrived in 3rd, Torsten 4th, Aaron 9th and Michl 10th.

Going into the final day, GIN pilot Aaron is leading the competition comfortably. Only his team mate Adrian can foil his second World Cup Superfinal title. Michl (5th), Torsten (7th) and Idris (8th) will try to make up some places, but however it goes – we’re getting ready for a big party and celebrating our achievements and the new Boomerang 11!"



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