2016 Paragliding World Cup Superfinal - Governador Valadares - T6

It's been a rest day at the Superfinal in Brazil. Petra Slivova reports on T6 and rounds up the action so far...

"After some long and really difficult retrieves from far away hills the previous day, the task committee decided on a 92 km long zigzag in the area around Ibituruna peak. Goal was chosen next to the town so all pilots could land in the town after finishing the task. It was nice racing with stronger thermals than previous days. Just at the end the main group was racing bit too close to the ground and a few favorites landed around the last turn point and end of speed section. Unfortunately those pilots included our speedy Tim. But he has still chance to finish very well in the comp due to the discards. The Game is not over! :-) The end of speed section was 1.7 km from the Ibituruna peak and was quite tricky. The pilots who do not care so much about their overall results anymore were pushing hard and low. Congratulations to task winners Samuel Nascimento and Laurie Genovese! Our boys decided to come in high enough which took little longer, but it was better than to risk landing short.

Aaron with his Boom 11 is now leading the comp, Adrian is third and Torsten and Michi are also in the top 10. Leading team is the GIN team. For the girls, is Nicole Fedele is leading now and after her we are 4 girls quite close together. This time the fight for the female podium is going to be pretty tough. As I already used my two discards I have to fly consistently well now to have some chance :-)

In the evening GIN pilots met for dinner and it was clear even without words how happy the team is with Boom 11, and that all of us who weere here with Boomerangs 10 are really looking forward to flying the 11 too :-)

Today is Tuesday and we are enjoying a rest day.

From Wednesday we fly again, keep crossing your fingers for us!



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