2016 Paragliding World Cup Superfinal - Governador Valadares - T5

Idris Birch reports on Superfinal task 5 (95km)...

"The early morning cirrus made pilots anticipate a shorter task. But with nice cumulus soon forming everywhere, a task with a large 63km enter cylinder was set. We started with nice clouds marking the route as we pushed against the wind to the east, but soon it became blue and it was time to change down through the gears.

At this time, Tim Bollinger, the current star of the competition, was flying like a madman. He was completely alone but on the best line with clouds marking his route. Though he did say he was often low, where the birds helped him find the best climbs.

The first turnpoint was very interesting as it was in 90% shade. Those who hung back cautiously were rewarded with good position in the next climb, which surprisingly was found in the deep shade.

Again, Tim was out infront a few km's ahead of the field, but could we catch speedy Tim?

The next leg was to the west with a tail wind, we sped up in the sunny parts and went slowly in the shade. Tim still pushed in front but was finally swallowed by the gaggle.

The last turnpoint was in a sunny valley and from there it was only 8km crosswind to goal.

A flock of vultures pointed the way to some strong lift and we topped up before chasing down the forerunners as it became apparent that the final glide was lifty.

Aaron, who had dominated the gaggle almost the entire task, was 1st into the ESS. He was never low, always controlling the others.

Next was Idris in 3rd and Torsten 6th. The Boomerang 11 is showing that it is for sure the best wing in the competition."



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