2016 Paragliding World Cup Superfinal - Governador Valadares - T4

Torsten Siegel reports on Superfinal task 4...

"After 2 very special tasks, even by Brazilian standards, the conditions improved a lot and today we had a nice race of over 100km. The first 30km was a great race and Michl was leading until the first turnpoint. The way to turnpoint 2 was quite special with huge sink on some lines and the stretched field moved together. As the conditions got weaker there was no escape and right before end of speed section we had a huge gaggle with 50 pilots, arriving within 3 minutes of each other. Thanks to the leading points, Aaron placed 2nd with Michl 5th. With these great results we won the team ranking and Aaron is currently 2nd overall, Tim 3rd and Adrian 4th. Not so bad for the Boom 11 as we’ve only 7 wings in the race.

Conditions for the next days are looking even better and we can’t wait to have some real, fast races. We all love our new wings. Climbing is amazing and the glider gives a great feedback. Together with the high stability on full speed we’re all on the same page: it’s the best wing we've ever flown! And we’ll have a several more tasks to enjoy this."

Photo: Philippe Broers


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