2016 Paragliding World Cup Superfinal - Governador Valadares - T3

Aaron Durogati reports on task 3 at the Superfinal.

"Hello to all!

The third task of the World Cup Superfinal was an 83km  triangle with start cylinder of 52 km, which gave the possibility to fly quite far ahead before the start gate to shorten the track of the task. Most pilots used this opportunity so it was almost a ground start. Between the start gate and the first turnpoint, the conditions got difficult because of the headwind and an unexpected lack of thermals. For me it meant about a half hour fight for survival. Many other pilots landed. Finally, I managed to climb and the rest of task was not too difficult. At the end of speed section we also got to the position when I wanted to be a bit higher, so I used took a weak climb before crossing end of speed section. Today was a good result for every pilot in the goal —only 19 pilots made it. I was less than minute after the task winner Joachim Oberhauser.

Everybody is excited about how the Boom 11 is going. I've had about 30 hours on the wing and I can say I am happy with the stability on speedbar, with the speed and also with the way the wing helps to search for thermals, which was super important for today’s task. Thanks Gin and Torsten, good job!

Let's see what the next days will bring us, please cross your fingers for the GIN team!"


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