2016 Paragliding World Cup Superfinal - Governador Valadares - T2

Task 2 at the World Cup Superfinal and a another win for Tim Bollinger on the Boomerang 11!

Tim again:

"The start was about 2 kilometers from the take off in the east, as an exit cylinder. It was quite easy to stay in the air because we had nice clouds. Then we went to the south for the first turnpoint. First I was a little bit in the rear of the first group, but that is not a disadvantage – it's a good position to choose the best route to the turnpoint. The next turnpoint was toward the west, which was the crucial one of today's task. We got high clouds and some small cumulus and it was tricky to find the way to the turnpoint. I was with Michael Sigel, Adrian Hachen and Stefan Wyss together. Me and Stefan were lower than Adrian and Michael, but we could catch Adrian before the second turnpoint. From there Petra Slivova was flying with us. Michi went alone and lost a lot of time because off this. Later we flew to the goal in the south. Together with Adrian, Stephan, Petra and me, we flew almost together some km, before Petra lost contact. From there it was only the three of us, way ahead of all the others. Stefan was first over the Goal line, then Adrian and me. Again I won because of the leading points. Adrian was 2nd and Michael 4th. A great result for the Boom11!"


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