2016 Paragliding World Cup Superfinal - Governador Valadares - T1

Task 1 at the World Cup Superfinal and a win for Tim Bollinger on the Boomerang 11!

Tim takes up the story:

"When we got to the take off, we could see a strong NNE wind. For this reason, a zigzag task to the South was set.

The start was near the take off, Exit Start. It was not so easy to stay high but we managed to do so. I took the start and went directly to the ridge; the other pilots took a thermal just after the start. I flew alone towards the first turnpoint (to the east). When I turned around the mountain I could see a nice cloud, but this cloud was not working so well and I struggled. This is how the other pilots were able to catch up again. After the first turnpoint, we flew to the west and I stayed with the leading group until the second turnpoint. Then we went to the east again. I was a little bit behind the leaders, but before the third turnpoint the gap had closed. From there we flew to the south, to the end of speed section and goal. There was a nice cloud street, because off this I arrived early in goal. Aaron was higher and faster than I was and finished first, but because of the leading points I got first today!

Tomorrow looks good again!"


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