2016 Paragliding World Cup - St Andre, France - Task 4 and 5

The threat of thunderstorms in the afternoon saw pilots flying away from st Andre beyond Digne on a 105 km zigzag west ending at the well know hang-glider campsite Laragne-Monteglin.

The conditions were glorious on a day to be remembered! There was plenty of variety with the first turn-point on the plateau near Saint-Jeannet in relatively stale air which punished unwary pilots inclined to pick a bad line.

The second turn-point by contrast was high up a ridge in the mountains north of Digne, which saw us above three thousand meters in potent thermals. Most competitors would have experienced thermal strength approaching 7 - 10 m/s in this area.

The leg to goal was in a westerly direction into the stable flats with a moderate headwind which saw a luckless few landing short as they ran out of altitude in the breezy conditions.

Torsten, Patrick, Martin, and Idris were all charging on the sharp edge of the field finishing in the top fifteen after three hours of exhibition flying.

Torsten takes up the story:

"Our big group managed the flats quite well and on the way back I was suddenly alone. Here and there some single pilots or little groups with 2-3 pilots. No idea what happen but the arrow showed me that I’m on the right way to the next northeast turn point. It was still quiet comparing to the other task and this time I was happy to join some pilots. In the west we recognized the big group again but it worked really well for us. Idris and Patrick von Känel joined us and we had amazing lifts, lines and clouds which lead us to an incredible 20km final glide to the goal. After 2 bomb outs in Macedonia I was also quite insecure if we make it but at the end we had some comfortable 200m over the goal line. Idris and Patrick did also well and we’re catching up in the overall ranking."

GIN is well represented in the overall standings with Torsten lying in fifth position followed by Andre and Idris who are both in the top fifteen. Yael is in third position of the women's contest. 

Today is the final task, which has just been stopped due to overdevelopment on the course.


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