2016 Paragliding World Cup - La Réunion - Task 3

Another win today for the GIN team at the World cup. Michael Sigel reports on Task 3...

"When we arrived on the takeoff, the task committee was already busy setting a task. The conditions seemed to be similar to yesterday, but the North wind should be stronger. Indeed, the big waves with white caps caused by strong winds are almost at the normal landing. That’s why the task was set to go to the South. After window open, pilots were still waiting, because the thermals in front of the takeoff were weak. But on the North side – caused by the convergence of the strong North wind – the thermals were strong and reliable. Thermals were so strong that the clouds produced a lot of shadow at the airstart (5km) and further to the first turnpoint. Like yesterday, the crux was to go around the corner as high as possible. But again, more than half of the field was too low to make it. Because the sky was 100% overcasted, we had to fight for every meter. Luckily the conditions improved a lot and the cloudbase rose from 800m to 1400m. Especially our first group got a really nice cycle to the first and then back to the second turnpoint. Probably because of that, we got too enthusiastic and went too low into the final glide. Because of the rather strong South wind in this region we could not get it and had to fly back. 10min later Ludovic (local pilot) got a better line and managed to get to the ESS and down to the goal at the beach. All of my fellow pilots had to land, while I was scratching 50min between 300m and 500m just within a stone’s throw of the ESS. Finally I got a good climb and managed to get to goal as last – but also as second pilot.

Michael Küffer also made the ESS, but had to land before the goal line.

Because both Michael’s were in the top 3, the GIN team won again ;-)

The locals told us that the conditions do not look very nice for tomorrow, as the trade winds turn even more to the North…"


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