2016 Paragliding World Cup - La Réunion - Task 2

Michael Sigel reports on Task 2 of the World cup..

After yesterday’s excellent conditions, the weather looked not quite as good today. During the briefing the cloudbase was even lower than the takeoff, and the wind was forecast to be slightly stronger from the south. The task committee set a 62km task to the south of the island. Conditions were really poor right after the start and many pilots were immediately in survival mode. Almost 100% cloud cover forced 20 pilots to land even before the airstart. All others managed to climb again and fight their way to the South. However, the south wind, even though it was not strong, took its toll and more and more pilots dropped off. While a small group of three pilots escaped well in the leeside, everyone else was fighting very low or way south. It’s a special experience to flight for survival only 200m above the sea level when you see and hear the big waves crashing on the shore! Well, no one reached goal today, as the conditions were too weak. Two pilots managed to fly more than 30km, followed by the GIN pilots Pierre Muller (3.) and Michael Sigel (5.). Important to note is that Méryl Delferriere, the very young (19 years old) French girl was 8th today! Because of her, the GIN team also won the team category today ☺


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