2016 Paragliding World Cup - Gemona Italy - Task 2

Cat and Mouse

The organisers sent us up the mountain an hour early in the hope of saving the competition which was in serious risk of ending with a single task. A combination of superb micro-meteorology reports and very precise task setting and timing saw a fascinating game of cat and mouse played out over the flat-lands and foothills of Gemona. The clouds were pouncing on the sun and the competitors were grounded as collateral damage in a game that took the first pilot seconds short of three hours to complete the 60km course. This is ponderously slow for a world cup. It is miraculous that anyone made the goal given that the course was in shadow the entire day let alone a third of the field.

There will be many war stories about low saves and desperate glides on a day where the successful pilots were forced to conjure up magic thermals in the shade if they did not follow the line of sun south of the course line. Several Gin team pilots were involved in this latter survival strategy which saw at least half the group on the ground after the second last turn point to the east.

In the end a motley crew of some thirty pilots dribbled in to goal within twenty minutes of one another.

There were half a dozen or more Gin pilots in the mix headed by Andre Rainsford in fifth position followed by Stanislav Mayer, Jose Molek, Russel Achterberg, Torsten Siegel, Torsten Sattler, and Idris Birch. One or two of our number were painfully close but short of goal.

Some days are easy and others are really really tough. We would not have it any other way!


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