2016 GIN Wide Open - Day 7 Task 6

Michael Sigel reports on the final task:

Big clouds in the north of Saint-Jean indicated already in the morning, that the atmosphere is much more instable than the day before and thunderstorms will be very likely to occur. Because of that, the organization sent the pilots to take off earlier than usual and came up with a 30km zigzag task in the valley.

Once in the air, the climbs were not as strong as we expected, while the wind was quite strong from west. Most pilots waited next to the ridge and moved their way out the start cylinder pretty late. Because of the strong head wind (10-20km/h at 3000m) and died off clouds that were not working anymore, many of us arrived already pretty low at the start cylinder. We continued or way to the first turnpoint in the same direction, while the sink became even stronger! While the low hills in the valley were working very nice on the last days, we were not yet working. Most of us arrived already very low at these hills. In addition that thermals were very week, the wind was not. Probably two third of the field had to land. Some of the pilots managed to stay high and continue their way, but increasing winds forced the meet director to stop the task shortly.

At the end we had 5 great tasks in different conditions. Once again the organization was perfect and most of the pilots are looking again to join the Gin Wide Open next year again. As every year, the prizes (e.g. Gin glider of choice, harness, rescue, but also 3 Oudie4 from Naviter, as well as vouchers for paragliding holidays and the XCMag) were given away in a lottery.

By the time the window opened, it was really not clear which way would be the fastest. But while waiting for the air start there were cumulus clouds building us a highway along the shortest line through the flats.

So full bar, straight and up was a major big part of the task and we had about 80 smiling faces at the goal at the goal with average speed for my Sprint 3 over 30 km/h. Including one sail plane pilot who was very happy that he managed to land safely and paragliders gave him space at the airport even though his original landing place should have been somewhere else :-)

In the evening Richard Bungay gave a nice talk about his X-Alps supporter experience. We are looking forward to have few more good flying days and seeing happy pilots around…"


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