2016 GIN Wide Open - Day 6 Task 5

Today's report is from Michael Sigel...

"On the past days thermals always started quite late. Because of that, we decided to go up to the take off later than usually. However, when we arrived on top, many free flyers were already thermaling and the cloudbase seemed to be very high. Because of that we set an interesting 53km task around the area: first to the south, then crossing the valley to the west, one turnpoint on the other side of the lake (Morgon) and then back south to the goal in on the sail plane field south east of Seyne. However, because a free flyer had to be taken out of the trees by a helicopter, the take off was closed until 14:45.

Once the window was open, pilots launched fast and everyone rocket to the cloudbase! There everyone was waiting on 3200m for the airstart. Because the first turnpoint was between two ridges, the field spitted right after the start. However, climbs were strong on both routes and we met again at the first radius. The entire race continued to be very fast. We did not turn until we got a 4m/s thermal, while we made all transitions on full bar. Toby Colombe was again the first to get to goal on his Carrera, closely followed by Petra and me. It was an epic day here in Montclar!"


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