2016 GIN Wide Open - Day 3

Michael Sigel reports on Task 2:

"When we arrived on take off, the sky was covered by a lot of clouds from an occlusion that had passed us in the north. Because of that we set a smaller 40km task in the valley around Montclar. However when we took off, these clouds disappeared and thermals became stronger. Because of that, we were racing fast and squeezed every km/h out of our Sprint 3's and managed to get a nice lead of the others. Together with Petra, Richard and Toby (on Carrera) I headed out for the turnpoint in the flats. We hit a strong headwind on our way back to the ridge and … all of us but Toby bombed out. Most other pilots had paid attention at the briefing (when we told them to stay high) and thus passed us, while we were packing our gliders.

Organisers Toby and Brett and their crew again did an excellent job here at the Gin Wide Open and at the free BBQ party in the evening you could see a lot of happy pilots. But it might also helped that quite a lot of them beat the Gin team pilots today ;-)"


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