2016 GIN Wide Open - Day 2

Richard Bungay reports on Monday's action

"Today saw the first task of the GIN Wide Open in Saint Jean De Montclar. The previous day was not taskable due to the strong north wind. Today's forecast was much better and promised light westerly winds even though the north wind was still strong up high.

A 49km task was set that used the Dormillouse ridge with turnpoints out in the valley before going to the Morgon and then back to goal in the village.

Conditions were good for the task but unfortunately it had to be stopped due to an accident at take off, which needed a helicopter, just as the lead gaggle were getting to the end of Speed section.

Despite the task being stopped most pilots landed in the goal field with lots of big smiles.

The winner of the task was Toby Colombe flying a GIN Carrera."


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