2016 GIN Wide Open - Day 1

Michael Sigel reports from the GIN Wide Open in Saint Jean Montclar, France.

"After Slovenia last year, the 2016 GIN Wide Open is being held in Saint Jean Montclar, France. Petra Slivova and I are joining this year to support Toby Colombé, Brett Jenaway and their team. As you probably know, the weather was really bad last month in the Alps. That’s why we are really looking forward to some nice flying here. But on our way down here and especially in the evening it was raining cats and dogs.

Against all expectations we woke up to bright sunshine. However, the lenticular clouds proved what the weather forecasts had said: the north wind will be too strong today. Because of that, the organization cancelled the day early in the morning. They offered transport to Saint-Vincent-les-Forts, which is very well protected against north wind. As all pilots were starving to get some airtime, most of them showed up at the take off close to the village. Thermals started quite late and weak. But it became a really nice day in the afternoon and we can see now a lot of happy faces all around the competition HQ.

This evening Toby will give a talk about competition flying."


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