2015 Paragliding World Cup Superfinal - Valle de Bravo, Mexico — Task 7

Petra Slívová on Task 7:

"The weather forecast for today was really good, so the task committee decided on a long 127km task. The first turnpoint (TP1) was about 16km south west from take off, TP2 south west to the flats, passing the crazy thermal and over the plateau back north west to TP 3. Then was coming the difficult part for decisions. A large group decided to stay in mountains, fly a slightly longer way but climb up to 4700 meters. A small group which I decided to join took the short cut with not too high climbs and a lot of headwind on the way back. The longer way was much faster and easier this time, and after passing the take off back to south west to three kings the goal was above Valle. The fastest pilot today was Stefan Wyss, about 2 minutes ahead of main group. Fastest in goal from our pilots was Aaron, Torsten and Adrian. I got some bad luck again—after a really hard fight in a windy place where lot of good pilots landed, I managed to climb and I made the goal...less than 1 minute after task deadline! So no time points for me and most probably game over for fighting for the female podium. But tomorrow we have one more day, so cross your fingers for nice flying conditions and a nice last task for us :-)"


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