2015 Paragliding World Cup Superfinal - Valle de Bravo, Mexico — Task 6

Michael Sigel reports on a nice task win in Task 6 of the Superfinal:

"When we arrived on takeoff this morning, the weather looked really nice. Because of that, the organization made a big 121km task that went to the south, then to the volcano, followed by a turnpoint north of Valle de Bravo, a last turnpoint over the plateau with the goal over the town. The start was quite tricky, as the thermals were not consistent. Because of that, the field was already spread on the way to the first turnpoint in the flats. On the way back to the takeoff, the field was mixing quite a lot and even though the lift was not high, we advanced fast towards the volcano. Until now, thermal tops were quite low and only in the high mountains were we able to climb higher than 4000m. Already during the briefing it was clear that the second part of the task would be the difficult part, as it is more flat and not obvious where the thermals will be. Because of that pilots slowed down and tried to catch every possible climb. But this did not stop us losing more and more height on the way to the third turnpoint. Not only me, but also the other pilots thought that this was the end of the race. But at only 300m above the ground, we finally found some weak thermals. This was the time when I took the lead and made my way back to the plateau. The day advanced and we were running out of time. I found a weak thermal 5km before the last turnpoint, but the other pilots had caught up again. Together we climbed until we reached glide ratio 13 to goal. Thanks to a good line and a little luck I was able to control the other pilots and win todays task, shortly followed by Aaron and Torsten."

Thanks to Michi for the goal pic!


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