2015 Paragliding World Cup Superfinal - Valle de Bravo, Mexico — Task 5

Marc Wensauer reports on Task 5: Valle is back!

"After 4 days of flying in Brazilian conditions, today was everything that Valle is about. The day started with a thick layer of cirrus covering the skies so we spent a few hours of waiting on the takeoff for the conditions to improve. Some pilots were already calling for an elapsed time speed run when the clouds finally opened up and we were sent on a relatively short task of 65km—along the ridge to the west followed by a leg down south over the flats and back into the convergence for the final glide, with goal just a few km south of Valle. And this time the Thermals were worthy of Mexico - strong from bottom to top. Several routes developed on the way to the second turnpoint in the South with Aaron joining a group more to the east and me and Urs another more to the left. On the way back to El Penion both routes proved to be equally fast so the race was decided in the final thermal just behind the Penon where everybody came back together. Just beside Urs and Aaron, I was getting ready for finally making good use of the topspeed of my Boomerang 10 when I hit sinking air and had to slow down during the last few km in order to reach goal. Aaron and Urs had a better line and could race all the way to the goal. Aaron was pushing hard and could almost win the day- in the end he was just a few seconds behind day winner Stefan Wyss- congratulations to both! I was low riding into goal 1 minute after the others and took a week thermal there to climb up for the free flying trip down to the landing at the lake. Most pilots did the same and the day concluded with lots of happy faces and a few beer at the beach. Just what Valle is supposed to be. Keep your fingers crossed for more conditions like this during the final days of this competition!



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