2015 Paragliding World Cup Superfinal - Valle de Bravo, Mexico — Task 3

Michael Sigel reports on Task 3...

"After the very stable conditions yesterday, pilots and the task comitee were concerned that it would be the same today. Because of that, the time between window opening and airstart was 1h 45min. However, once in the air, thermals were nice and cloudbase at la mesa already at 3400m. Because the first turnpoint was in the southern flats, a small goup of some 20 pilots chose to cross the valley to the small hills in order to take the first turnpoint with tailwind. Even though climbs on the other side were very weak and the thermals only got to 2700, this tactic paid off and our group could get a lead of 2-3km. However, due to the weak thermals on the way to the 2nd and 3rd turnpoints, the others were able to catch up. Cirrus clouds came in as we got to the 3rd turnpoint and the field of pilots spread out to grab every possible thermal in order to stay high. The next turnpoint was back towards the west—in the direction of Valle de Bravo. While most pilots chose a direct line, a few pilots made a slight detour to the right. Our group on the left did quite well and we were able to escape the shade and make it back to the plateau. However, the other group was faster and most of them were able to keep their lead until the goal. The final turnpoint was against the wind and even a cloudbase at 4000m did not prevent pilots bombing out short of goal. I and some others got very low, but managed to climb out again. However, we lost quite a lot of time on Stephan Morgentaler, today’s winner."

Photo: Petra Slivova ::: Pilot: Aaron Durogati


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