2015 Paragliding World Cup Superfinal - Valle de Bravo, Mexico — Task 2

Tim Bollinger reports on Task 2...

In the morning the weather looked good, we went up to the take off as usual at 9AM. I noticed a strong inversion, and and an 86km task was set. The first pilot took off and looked like it was difficult to get high. But after 30 minutes, it was looking better. In the beginning it was hard to know where to wait for the start, the sky was completely blue. We took the start and headed for the first turnpoint in the flats. I was really low but I was able to stay on the ridge and use the good thermals to stay with the second group. Heading for turnpoint 2, we flew really fast and close to the ground. Then it was back on the ridge to the third turnpoint. I was a little behind the leading group. Then I chose to go behind the take off whereas the others went more in the front. That worked out well and I gained some ground on the leading group. But in the end I couldn't catch the leaders and I finished in 31st. The best GIN pilot of the day was Torsten Siegel whose 16th place put him in 6th overall after 2 tasks.

The weather looks good for tomorrow and we look forward to a nice task.

Thanks to Chikyong "Hachi" Ha for today's pics.


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