2015 Paragliding World Cup Superfinal - Valle de Bravo, Mexico — First task - first victory

Torsten Siegel reports on the first task...

"After 2 days of rain our sick friends Michl, Moonseob and Tim recovered well and passed the virus over to Idirs and me. Idris was shaking yesterday in Korean “Gangnam-Style” and even after 10 hours of restless sleep it was painful to get out in the cold this morning. Mexico is quite special these days and we were faced by some unexpected weak conditions. The task offered us plenty of possibilities to fly different routes, but we were too lazy and more or less just followed the arrow. This turned out to be a good decision because this was also the fastest way, and Michael Küffer and Jofresa managed a low safe very well and came first into goal. With Marc in 4th and me arriving in 6th place, we had a good beginning. I think Aaron flew twice the distance comparing to everyone else today but still arrived fast in goal. Good for our team ranking and we’re looking forward to get fit again. We try to sleep now and look forward to more exciting tasks."


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