2015 Paragliding World Cup - Bir Billing, India — Task 4

Petra Slivova reports on task 4...

Already on the way to take off we could see the day was going to be tricky. Cloudbase in the morning was touching the ground and we were quite surprised to see an optimistic task on taskboard: 94 km.

After window opened, there were about 3 diferent cloudbase heights which pilots could choose, starting from below take off to about 3000m. The valley was foggy and almost nothing was visible from a couple of hundered meters above.

After start gate opened, we were heading to the flats in front of mountains and flew inside that "milk", after that direction east about 5 km and then the task was heading west direction to Dharamsala. Most of pilots flew quite succesfully the first part but further west the "milk" in the valley was stronger and nothing was really visible. The task was stopped due to bad visibility after couple of level 3 calls when the lead gaggle had flown about 34 Km. The winner of the day was Julien Brung on Boomerang 10 taking about 200 points. No big changes in results.

Tomorrow is another day! :-)


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