2015 Paragliding World Cup - Bir Billing, India — Task 2

Idris Birch reports on task 2:

"The morning of the second task started with almost complete top cover (cloud) so the journey up to take off was delayed slightly.

But the weather can change very fast in Bir and in a short time the sky cleared and conditions looked good.

Before the race start the pilots were able to climb to a chilly 4000m. Unlike the previous task, most of the field had a good start. But after the start the course took us partially into the flats where conditions were quite tricky. The weaker climbs in the foothills combined with a moderate wind from the west meant that many pilots landed around the halfway mark.

The remaining pilots had fun pushing around windy corners and taking climbs in light rain showers next to rainbows.

Around 30 pilots arrived in goal with Xevi Bonet winning, closely followed by Michael Küffer on his Boom 10. Among the other GIN pilots, Richard Butterworth, Aaron Durogati and Idris Birch all finished in the top 10."


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