2015 Paragliding World Cup - Baixo Guandu, Brazil: Task 7 report

Torsten Siegel reports on the final task from Brazil—which ended in the 6th GIN task win in a row!

"The most amazing competition in World Cup history is over. It ended with another outstanding flying day. A task over 82 km, leading in different directions over the now well-known flying area, combined with the classic Brazilian cocktail of big thermals and zeroing a few meters over the ground, made it hard for everyone to believe that it is over. We’ve been here in flying heaven and the last race ended with the same result as yesterday: I was able to win with 1 point in front of Donini Junior thanks to my leading points. I’ve been flying competitions since 1994 and I never thought that something like this could happen in one flying career: landing 2 times short of goal and then winning 3 tasks. And this together with all of my friends from the GIN team. I can just say it’s a great pleasure to fly with Michl, Urs, Franki, Rafael, Luciano, Clayton, Jan, the Quintanilla brothers and all the other brave boys. It’s flying with friends and this was at the end the best thing here in Brazil: an amazing friendly atmosphere around all pilots, living the spirt of flying and friendship.

We’re also happy to win 1st team overall with the GIN Team. The only fly in the ointment was the late arrival from Urs. At the far eastern turnpoint he was in front of us and that was his ‘mistake’. The thermals just started after he left. So he had to search at a few different spots and arrived late. As a result of this he couldn’t hold his first place but at least he ended up on the podium in third, just 5 points before Michl. But we’ll celebrate it as a victory!"

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