2015 Paragliding World Cup - Baixo Guandu, Brazil: Task 6 report

Task 6 winner Torsten Siegel reports from Brazil on the 5th Gin victory in a row!

"Hello me, it’s me again. Honestly, we can’t believe how great this competition is and how awesome the flights have been. And the icing on the cake is our results. Today the weather was very different compared to the previous days with much more clouds and already some high cumulus in the morning, blown over the sky by a stronger southeast wind. Therefore the task setter decided to make a 66km one way race and they did a great job: we hit all sunny spots which allowed 70 pilots to reach goal. In-between we had a few low saves, some slower weak sections but also some big pumps, shooting us directly under the clouds. After a transition over the big river many pilots of the leading group got nervous as we went low. But luckily Urs pushed forward and Raul, Donnini Junior and me followed. We hit some big thermals and a group of 8 pilots were able to escape from the rest. On the final glide the Boomerang 10 showed once again her strength: I was able to pass all pilots and win the task, while Urs ended up on place 3! With this result he’s leading overall and we’re also leading in the team ranking. A great position for the final tomorrow. We’re all excited to fly the last race in this beautiful landscape. 

Last but not least Urs asked me to write to Mr. Gin that he loves his wing and say thank you for designing this great glider. We all keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow as Urs and Michl will fight for the overall victory and our team will try to stay in first position!

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