2015 Paragliding World Cup - Baixo Guandu, Brazil: Task 5 report

Another task, another win for Gin Gliders! Task 5 winner Michael Sigel reports:

"Today we had another task: it was an 87km task to Colatina, one turnpoint in the north and then to the goal next to the city.

The conditions were not looking very promising in the beginning, thermals were not very strong, far away from each other and no cumulus clouds. Because of that, pilots were flying slowly to the first turnpoint. Although thermals were not strong and cloud base was low, we managed quite well to get to Colatina, as the west wind was pushing us. But at that point most pilots thought that there was no way back against 10-15km/h headwind to Baixo. But thermals got stronger and after a low safe I could take the lead of the group. Now I started to go a little faster, stretching the field of pilots. I could hold the lead until the end, always controlling the others. Torsten, Urs and Frankie followed with a bunch of other pilots. Torsten pushed that much, that he overtook most of the pilots and got third today!

With me, Torsten and Franki in the top ten we were also first in the team and leading again overall. We’re looking forward to two more exciting tasks as the World Cup decided today to fly until Saturday. So this will be the first World Cup with 7 tasks!"

Latest overall results:


Photo: J. Bradley

Photo: www.hipoxia.com.br


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