2015 Paragliding World Cup - Baixo Guandu, Brazil: Task 4 report

Torsten Siegel enjoys a task win at the World Cup in Brazil—the 3rd task win in a row for GIN pilots!

Torsten reports, "After Rafael and Urs I’ve the pleasure to continue the first positions in the races for the Gin Team. The 98km triangle, starting with a long leg, offered pretty much everything we find fascinating in competition flying: route selection, mega thermals followed by minimum climbs 30 meter above the ground, thick clouds and blue thermals, a stunning landscape and last but not least the race with the other pilots. And from the start it went blithely to the thing.

The 17km start radius with a 3km cylinder in the center allowed the pilots to wait in all possible places. After starting several groups headed from all sides in the center and the line of our group became very fast after a slow start. Strong thermals with nice clouds showed the way and somehow I was able to lead with a handful of other pilots and continue the course in western direction. There, the conditions changed abruptly: Blue thermals, strange moving thermals and massive sinking between the climbs moved slowly but surely the field together. At the last turnpoint we had the feeling to fly again in the start gaggle and only towards the end of the race a giant granite ridge whose steep, dark rocks stuck direct in the sun gave us a possibility to escape. But that was short-therm, at the last thermal which was everywhere and nowhere, the pilots catch up immediately to start the final glide to goal.

The final approach was identical to the second task, and just like two days earlier, it was anything but easy to escape the massive sink. I choose a GR of 6.3, after 6.6 brought me before only close before the goal line, and took a slight turn to north. Everyone from us was sure that we made it this time better. But a paraglider is not a sailplane and the big sink over the city hit us once again, reducing the glide ratio down to 3. The courage left me just 200 m before the end of Speedsection. No more full speed and somehow try to fly over the 1.2 km finish line. The first guys went down on the runway before the goal and then it was really tight for many pilots, while Michl and I flew with short distance and quite low over the line. And thanks to the leading points I can celebrate a race victory since a long time. Ideal, because the Caipis are here tasty and cheap! Franki, who landed today unfortunately short before goal (together with Rafael) had already a few.

And finally some congratulations to our brave brother Luis and Manuel Quiantanilla from Mexico who pushed like hell and tried everything to escape from the big gaggle. After today everyone knows you. Well done boys – if you continue like this I can retire soon ;-)"

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