2015 Paragliding World Cup - Baixo Guandu, Brazil: Task 3 report

Torsten Siegel reports from the World Cup in Brazil as the action hots up...

"Urs Schönhauer has a big, big smile. After landing short yesterday with a couple of our team pilots he pushed the 75km race today from the beginning, survived several tricky situations and ended up with another victory for the GIN Team. The race was affected by blue thermals, stronger winds and high cirrus clouds. True this the field got spread quite soon with 1-2 leading gaggles, joined from all of our team pilots. Through the flats at the southern turnpoint the leading group changed with the cycles of the thermals and the weak conditions with big sink rates between the thermals made the pilots quite suspicious. Many slowing down even more and try to climb as much as possible. Heading north into a big Cirrus filed made it even worse and the northern turnpoint turned into a sticking point: many pilots could jump over the ridge and catch the thermal behind. Unfortunately our leading pilots from Brazil, Franki and Rafael, landed there, while Urs, Michl and me could climb again and start the backwind section through the milky sky. Until the end it was questionable if we could make it to goal. But the sky cleared up and together with the birds and a few low saves, Urs arrived first in goal. With Michl and me in the top ten we might have another GIN Team victory and tomorrow it could get even more exciting: a 100% discard for the worst result(s) brings many of our pilots back into the race. With these conditions we’ll have for sure a very exciting and unpredictable race until the end!"

Overall results after 3 tasks:



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